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Welcome to Svensk Medicin! We are looking forward to developing your career.

Since the start in 2006, Svensk Medicin AB has successfully coached 2 500 individuals to new jobs and trained over 2 000 clients in different courses. Over 1 500 people has been certified and gained confidence by competence.

With a vast network and documented success, we are confident that we will be able to help You to a new career, new job, new certified competences and a brand new title.

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Niclas Lindqvist, lecturer - medical affairs - CEO and founder

Niclas Lindqvist

Lecturer- Medical Affairs - CEO

Owner and CEO of Svensk Medicin AB. A senior level Scandinavian - Global Career Developer, Scientific marketeer, scientific advisor and dynamic product- and marketing specialist, qualified to practice in all areas of different therapeutic sectors. Over 25 years of experience of new launches, re-launches and documented success for several top key products among the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Solid established network of top key decision makers in national and international recruitment.

Rekat Naderipour, Lecturer clinical trials. Study Mngmnt - GCP

Rekaut Naderipour

Lecturer – Clinical Trials, Monitoring.
Study Management & GCP 


Rekaut is a seasoned clinical trial professional with over 10 years of experience, and is also the founder of RecQ Oy, the fastest growing clinical trial consultancy in Finland. Rekaut is also the Clinical Research Associate of the year 2023 (Awarded by Pharmaca Oy), with proven knowledge of Good Clinical Practice (GCP). With a career spanning roles in multinational pharmaceutical corporations and innovative biotech startups, in 3 different European countries, the depth of experience and industry knowledge brought into each training session is unmatched.


Notable for providing comprehensive GCP training, this professional has successfully guided countless clinical research professionals through the intricate regulatory landscape of clinical trials. Their in-depth understanding of GCP principles is reflected in the quality of training provided, ensuring each session is enriched with practical examples and applicable scenarios drawn from real-world examples.


As a Clinical Research Associate and Clinical Study Director, this professional has honed an extensive understanding of industry practices and ethics, which significantly enhances the training offerings. The commitment to educating others about the complexities of GCP and guiding them toward compliance is evident, making a substantial impact on the industry by fostering understanding and professionalism among its participants.

Roberto Gatti, lecturer GMP

Roberto Gatti

Lecturer - GMP

After completing his Ph.D. in organic chemistry, Roberto has 27 years of professional experience.

That includes 25 years within the pharmaceutical industry and some years in the food/beverage sector. He has worked as a researcher, developer, project manager, trainer, production engineer and as a line manager. Roberto has experience working in both Swedish and global multinational companies, ranging from small companies to large ones. As a certified an appreciated GMP lecturer he brings experience and many examples from several different companies from his roles in different industries. He has experience from all sectors that rules under GMP.

Ingela Frick, lecturer Regulatory affairs, GDP

Ingela Frick

Lecturer - Regulatory Affairs & GDP

Strategic and business driven senior leader. Experience from big Global as well as small Swedish companies. Used to leading companies through changes, acquisitions and mergers.

Strengths within Regulatory, Quality and Pharmacovigilance, and late phase development together with launch preparations of pharmaceuticals.

Nidhi Arora, lecturer - pharmacovigilance

Nidhi Arora

Lecturer - Pharmacovigilance

As a seasoned pharmacovigilance trainer with 12 years of hands-on experience,  she has a wealth of knowledge in end-to-end PV systems, including ICSR case management, regulatory reporting, and signal detection. With over a decade of experience, she has a proven track record in writing, reviewing, and approving aggregate reports, risk management plans, and performing literature searches.

Her skills and extensive knowledge of PV makes her a valuable asset in training professionals to understand and implement effective PV practices. She is confident in her ability to create and deliver training programs that will help professionals develop their skills and succeed in their PV roles.

Nidhi Arora, lecturer - pharmacovigilance

Tanja Jensen

Lecturer - Medical Writing

Communication, project management, and research has been the lion´s share of Tanja’s work for +10 year. This results in mainly two things. First, it results in driving global cross-functional teams at big pharma companies. With her teams, she ensures mainly regulatory documents related to clinical trials are built for decision-making and fit-for-purpose. Second, it results in creating and implementing educational material and workshops that boosts understanding and memory. Both things lead to reaching out with a message that makes an impact, while adhering to regulatory guidelines and fostering a fruitful team spirit.